About Me

14100434_10210410302599718_8642454166990519764_nGreetings world! Just a little bit about myself: I’m a student by day, blogger by night (kind of). It’s a glamorous life, I know.  I’m a 23 year-old creative writing enthusiast, and hopefully this blog will motivate me to continue writing. I study English and Communications at Bridgewater State University. I have an apartment at school with two mildly entertaining roommates. *Update* Now I live in Washington, D.C. (nbd)  I like to exercise and play video games, drink and be drunk; you know… all the important stuff. I’m from the small town of Sandwich, (and yes our police are called the Sandwich Police), but it’s easier to just tell people that I’m from Boston. Everybody knows where Boston is- it’s the Irish place with the heroin problem. But anyways… I’m single! (Ladies?) And I’m trying my best to be an adult. So far it’s been a train wreck, but I’m still on the tracks, and I started a blog! In my mind that translates to the ultimate manifestation of success.

Back to the blog, this isn’t just for me to entertain myself, this is for you to entertain yourself. I don’t just want my work on here, (even though it may look that way). Please email me your work and I would be happy to post it. Send me ideas, suggestions, your own work, anything you want, lets get creative! You can reach me at j1allen19@yahoo.com. Send me some stuff!!!!