Am Yisrael Chai

Is it a poem? Is it a blog? Ready for some siiick news… it’s both. This is the blog part. The poem part comes later. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s a question you probably don’t hear everyday: Do you like the Jews!? (don’t answer that) Because I’m a Jew, and I wrote this here poem about Israel AKA the Promised Land, ever heard of it? So if you like the Jews then boy oh boy, do I have the poem for you. If you even remotely enjoy literature at all, then again, I have the poem for you. If you don’t like literature at all but you like comedic blog posts, then I hope you laughed by now. Basically if you don’t like the blog or the poem then you’re an illiterate Nazi, #sorrynotsorry. That one’s on you. Now without any further ado, lets dig into something a little more serious. In an attempt to revisit the events and emotions that I experienced in Israel, I wrote this meditation. You can learn more about Avraham’s gallery here, which you will be reading about shortly. Enjoy –


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Am Yisrael Chai

I ascended upon the Windy City to find something eternal,
The four holy cities, I’ve been told – but then only arrived upon the one,
The Tzfat Gallery of Mystical Art, Etz Chaim and word of Kabbalah,
Temples enameled in gold, destroyed and rebuilt,
I listened and took notes,
I took studious notes.

Avraham had fled to foster his creativity, and now it was my turn.
Lavi spoke – take time… when you’re sad, that means you’re missing something.
And so I fed my spirit wafting golden hues of sunset,
I shed my stole of the lion’s whelp,
And I felt that whatever I had been searching for was not so far away,
Which I had not expected.

Sanctum was found, sanction was granted, and I received the echo of Avraham,
Unaware that blue star shone brighter over the Negev, I took what light could,
Whisked from wind that blew on stone faces –
There was warmth behind that anabatic breeze,
Thus, my life was changing, and I had to capture it –
I took studious notes.

And so I continued to ascend,
Lavi spoke in tongues, and I was receptive to those righteous words,
What are we here for? Elevate yourself… go higher, go higher, my mishpacha –
He said, remember… He said, too easily do we forget…
And so I sat in the sunset’s embrace, tzelem…
I promised myself I would never forget.

I’ve since lost those notes.
Avraham tends his shop, nevermore to venture Westward,
And Lavi continues to do God’s work.
Again I muddle religion and pray that memory be sufficient,
I promised myself I would never forget, yet I have wandered far from the promised land,
Thus, I must retrace my steps, and fulfill my destiny.

I will take studious notes.

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  1. Anonymous --- SL says:

    Jack, A beautiful poem. Thank you for the introduction to Avraham and his paintings. I spent much time in his “studio” with his work.

    Mishpacha was a frequently used word in my sheltered childhood. I love the words that are woven into your writing.

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