Playlist- #IndieVibes 1

“Where can I find good Indie Music?”

It’s the question that we all ask ourselves… the burden we all bear. Like Atlas heaving the world upon his shoulders, or Frodo toting the One Ring across Middle Earth- we persevere. Like panning for gold in some decrepit wasteland, we’re forever doomed to endlessly sift through music online in search of the most bangin’ beats… OR ARE WE!?

Good news folks… not all heroes wear capes- some of us just blog. Why would you spend all that time sifting through music online when I could just do it for you? Look no further for those diamonds in the rough. There are local [Boston] artists here, South African Artists, Brazilian, Canadian- everything in between. This first playlist is almost exclusively indie, but I’m using indie as an umbrella term- there’s actually a good amount of variety. In the future you can expect different playlists for different genres, I just figured this was a good place to start. So check out the playlist and #LiveLaughLeave a comment. Thanks!


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