Sprouting Season

Ayeeeeee what’s up folks? Good news- the semester is over and I’m going to start posting new content again. Bad news- the only thing that I’m posting right
now is another poem, BUT good news again-  it’s an amazing poem about nature so if you like nature or poetry or anything with any GOD DAMN CLASS then you’re going to love this little doozy. I was proud of this poem, so without any further ado, I give you… Sprouting Season- Enjoy!

Sprouting Season

Close enough to see the nappy layers of nature’s scalp
like a pressed nest pressed flat
like pink lilac pressed flat on nature’s dank doorstep

The callused earth harbors the blessing blossom of evergreen dreams
like sun beams and blisters,
But blisters heal and protect until
sprouting season

Dry scalp turned full moss mane like living rock
Trunk tendrils like veins
Worm water like blood
Layered like leaf litter
Like a stick thicket thick with warmth
threaded like hemp rope

Life light holding on tight,
Gasps of windswept breath,
Then the cool night light cricket chorus,

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