Oil Slick

Alright people, I’m taking this TGIF opportunity to get a bit existential. The general premise behind this poem is to look at the duality of the human psyche and the balance between the quest for knowledge and fear of the unknown. That sounds like a lot to swallow, but it’s actually a pretty simple, straightforward poem. I’ve been on a spiritual kick lately and my writing has been centric to the concept of duality as the fabric of existence. There needs to be a push-pull relationship with all things. If I lost you there I apologize but thank god you don’t have to be a spiritual guru to read my poem. If you guys like it and want me to explain things more then feel free to leave questions or suggestions in the comments. Enjoy!

Oil Slick

And then I saw it.
It was me,
And I looked like a paradox; like a rainy day. Mostly gray, but sometimes rain is mystical, and then there’s color,
Like an oil slick-
And I walked up to myself,
Or rather myself walked up to me,
And we looked at each other until it became uncomfortable,
Like watching the window splinter in front of you in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean.
“Who are you?”
Then he patted my arms in that reassuring way-
“Everything will be fine.”
I don’t remember who said what. But I definitely remember wondering how he knew what I wanted him to say. And I wonder if he wanted to say it in the first place.
We suffered from the human condition together. So we could relate.
Survivors. We are survivors. Of the human condition.

What are your deepest fears?

Those are cop-outs. Spiders and heights are stupid answers.
The dark is more acceptable, but it would depend on what you mean.
I just don’t want to look at the universe and accept it at surface value.
That means I have to be afraid of different things.

He knows that.
I know the world is a scary place.
Not because it’s dangerous, but because I exist in it.
I exist.
So what is god?

You see how serious that just got?

My thoughts can’t get away.
Trapped by the torrents.
So I just surf on an oil slick, in hopes of finding another.

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