Time Capsule

Alright people, allow me to kick this blog off with a bang. So this poem is the result of a creative experiment. I listened to one of my favorite songs- Lovers’ Carvings, by Bibio- and tried to capture the feel and the emotional subtext behind it in writing. If you like the song then I highly encourage  you to check out Bibio on Soundcloud, which you can conveniently do right here. The song shifts at about 1:25, so try re-reading the poem after the shift and you can decide where the poem fits best. I personally think that my poem has that same halfway point shift, but just like anything else that I write- it’s up to interpretation. So without further ado, here’s the song, and here’s the poem. Enjoy!

Time Capsule

A clock ticks somewhere,
Whisked through
Acoustic hills,
Sprightly dew,
Carbonated melody,
Fuzzy and grainy like a woolen blanket,
Fresh and affectionate like the first time I held you,

A summer breeze,
Catching the tail end of an autumn day.

Building with ardent momentum,
A song that brings me to you,
Lovers’ names’,
Carved in walls,
This canvas,
Yours and ours,
I roll it up and keep it in my back pocket,
So that when I take it out my heart gets warm,
And I get butterflies.

A sparkling slice of eternity.

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