Incase you hadn’t realized it already- you just stumbled upon the greatest blog in the world. “But how is that possible?” you may ask…or “What did i do to deserve this?” Probably nothing. Maybe the planets aligned and destiny decided to hand you the luckiest card in his deck. Or maybe just clicked on one of my social media posts- but hey, tomato/tomahto. This blog is more of an experiment, an avenue for me to put my creative work out there for the world to see, the majority of which is short fiction and poetry. If people like my stuff, then that’s awesome! That’s kind of the point. Please comment, critique, send me your work, I’ll gladly put it up, all that good stuff. I’ll try to be consistent with new stuff and hopefully there will be a nice steady stream of content. Just bare with me people, I’ve never made a blog before, nor do I know how to run one, but I’ll try my best!

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